New CMaps Analytics Extension and Embedded Elements for SAP Webi

Advanced maps and geo analysis embedded inside of Webi. Get started in less than 5 minutes with new plug and play install for BI4.2.

Advanced Geo-Maps Made Simple

NEW - CMaps Analytics Sidebar Extension


Webi Binding

NEW CMaps Analytics embedded element provides advanced Google Maps visualization inside of your report canvas.

CMaps Analytics new embedded element allows report designers to replace tables, charts, and standard GeoMaps into more advanced CMaps Analytics capabilities. Customize the map appearance and behaviors while taking advantage of CMaps Analytics growing list of geo-data services.

Key Features

Visualize any Geography: From custom global territories down to street level views, CMaps Analytics includes Google Maps accuracy and quality.

Flexible Fully Customizable Visualizations: Leverage Webi 4.2 brand new custom elements features to customize your map for dashboard-like features.

Print-friendly maps: From interactive reporting to pixel perfect printed / bursted PDF reports, we have you covered.

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Geo Spatial Analysis and Exploration

CMaps Analytics Sidebar Extension


Webi Binding

CMaps Analytics Extension transforms your report data into Geo Spatial data exploration in minutes!

CMaps Analytics enables plug Location Intelligence inside of SAP BusinessObjects Webi. Simply enable the extension through BusinessObjects Enterprise, and instantly start creating map views with no software, no knowledge of GIS, no data preparation needed.

Key Features

Geo-analysis widgets: Filter, search, lasso, and analyze data using geography in new ways. Work with CMaps Analytics for plug and play industry specific analysis.

Multi-Layer Maps: Combine custom regions, facilities, assets, and GIS data together in one report sourced from multiple report tables.

GIS Lite Made Simple; Connect directly and visualize your assets directly from ESRI ArcGIS and combine business data from within Webi.

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More Extensions for SAP

Do you want to embed maps in other SAP and SAP BusinessObjects products? No problem!

Resources to Get Started with CMaps for Webi

Everything you need to move beyond basic geo maps

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Important Features Geo Maps
Extension Embedded Element SAP Geo Map Visual  
Minimum version of SAP BusinessObjects required BI4.1 SP06 + BI4.2 SP03 + BI 4.1 +  
Embed in Webi Report Not Supported Supported Supported  
Link Map with other Visuals Not supported Not currently supported but future stated functionality from SAP Supported  
Printing Support Coming soon- In-map printing options Print and PDF export support coming Jan 2017 Supported  
Mobile App Support None No support available from SAP Supported  
Base Maps / Streets Google Maps
(coming soon -MapBox , ESRI, HERE, Carto)
Google Maps
(coming soon -MapBox , ESRI, HERE, Carto)
Satellite Maps Supported Supported None  
High Resolution Aerial photography Supported Supported None  
Street View Supported Supported Not supported  
Visualization Overlay Types Over 22 layer types: learn more
Point, Text, Density Map, Bubble, Clustered Points
Coming Soon- Country, province, zip US + Canada), county (US)

Bubble, Point, Pie, Country, Province  
GIS layers On premise ESRI ArcGIS
feature layers, data joining, and 3 native ESRI connectors, Carto, animated Carto, WMS learn more
Not currently supported None  
Custom regions / territories Supported Not currently supported None  
Advanced Visualization Layers Cluster Aggregation, Pie, Sankey, HubSpike, Venoroi, SVG, Buffers, heatmaps, Carto animated layers Not currently supported None  
Geo Services included Geocoding, batch geocoding, streetview, directions, POI search, drive time/distance, drive distance polygons Geocoding, Batch geocoding, streetview None  
Drillable Maps CMaps geo hierarchies Not Currently Supported Webi Drilling and Linking  
Multiple Layers Number of layers vary based on extension integration Not Currently Supported None  
Basic Admin Boundaries Included Country, State/province (global), US County, US Zip by state, metro areas Coming soon Countries, States  
Analysis Widgets Search, directions, interactive legend with layer toggle, Coming soon None  
Batch Geocoding Global support Global support Limited to top 100,000 cities  
Proximity Clustering Supported with data aggregation Supported with data aggregation None  
Extend Integrations with API Widget API, custom layer API Not Currently Supported None  
Spatial multi-selection Drive distance, radius, draggable radius, lasso free-form, polygon selector, Not Currently Supported None  
Search Included Coming soon None  
Traffic and Drive Time Calcs Advanced InfoWindow and full HTML content support. Drive time calcs include predictive traffic assumptions Traffic layer None  
Icon Styling Over 40 styles and custom styles including pie chart Over 40 styles 2 icon styles icon, bubble and pie chart.  
Directions Single and multi point, directions and drive time calculations Not included currently None  
Choropleths Complete control over levels and colors Standard color thresholds Included  
Conditional Formatting Target or Value based alerts control color and /or styling Coming soon Included