Questions You Should be Answering with Location Intelligence

  • Where are my customers coming from?
  • Where should I re-locate assets/people?
  • What regions should I re-allocate resources
  • What important assets or events are nearest to me?

Let us show you how to answer these questions...







80% of your business data has a geographic attribute. How are you harnessing this information to drive more informed decisions

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ARI's Vendor Management Dashboard increased our team's capacity to prioritize vendors by geography, lower preferred customer rates 50%, increase sales for our vendors by 20%, and reduce customer's overall maintenance costs by 20%. '

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Featured Story

Centigon Solutions’ GMaps Plugin gave us the ability to prevent thousands of late deliveries by sending help to strategic regions 30-60 minutes before the customers would be affected.

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Geo Analytics for your Business Intelligence Initiatives

Many organizations that monitor retail performance manage their business by regions, territories, and drill all the way down to store level. A "bird's eye" view of your retail performance provides additional spatial context that can unlock hidden problems as you fluently navigate through supporting analytics by geography.

Sales Analytics

Locate your customers, sales reps, and assets together at once to quickly assess "where" you should increase your focus and take action. Provide your field sales team with t information on the go, and allow them to prioritize and collaborate

As conditions change, you need an up to date pulse of your organization's performance. Location analytics provide a geographic entry point to understand how your strategic decisions impact your organization at all geographic levels.


Whether you manage real estate, fleet, or shipping containers, your assets are the lifeline to your business and knowing the location and performance for those assets at all time is critical. Location intelligence provides a consolidated view of all of your assets, and when combined with other layers of business data, can save valuable time and resources when you need to reference or compare asset performance.

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Why Embedded Location Analytics?

Technology wise, we have simplified days or weeks of coding into a handful of clicks and 4 lines of code. You supply the data, and CMaps Analytics Designer supplies the maps experience!

From a technology standpoint here is our design philosophy for embedded Location Intelligence
  • NO server install required (only a native extensions)
  • No coding required for creating maps (only custom integrations)
  • No third extra third party license purchase required
  • No requirement to upload data to cloud
  • Design in the cloud, deploy everywhere
  • Plug and play



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