CMaps Plugin Features

Plug and Play Location Intelligence for SAP BusinessObjects

CMaps Analytics for SAP BusinessObjects (formerly GMaps Plugin) was built from the ground up for interactive dashboard analytics. No coding, server software, or barriers to create secured location intelligence directly inside of your SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards( formerly Xcelsius ) investment.

See for yourself the types of map analytics that you can deploy within your own organization:
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Performance and Scalability for Enterprise Analytics

Scale from a dozen to thousands of users instantly with no additional IT footprint.

Coupling CMaps Analytics and cloud mapping services from TomTom and Google Maps arms you with a secured, deeply integrated solution for displaying thousands of locations at once within a consumer friendly, fluent experience. Deploy to small user groups or tens of thousands of users with ease, thanks to cloud mapping services and direct integration inside your existing SAP BI tools.

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Drill through any geography with ease

Analyze your global territories down to street-level assets.

Tuned for dashboard development, CMaps Plugin gives you power and flexibility to create location analytics for any geographic location or level (country, state, city, street). Navigate from your custom regions and territories down to street level using business data directly from your enterprise data warehouse or SAP.


Drill from country to state
Drill from custom regions to countries
Drill from state to zip or county



One Tool, Unlimited Possibilities

Visualize geo diagnostics and exceptions from your business data.

A few clicks of your mouse will transform your data into a geographic scorecard, allowing business users to identify geographic proximity of problems. Dynamically change the color of your icons shape boundaries and allow business users to click and explore details within the comfort of the dashboard experience.

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Consumer Friendly Experience in your BI Dashboard

Location intelligence for business users without training.

CMaps Analytics transforms a consumer mapping experience into a blank canvas for painting business analytics. The resulting dashboards provide a powerful solution for business consumers to view real-time location analytics anywhere, on most devices.


Instant Mobile Location Analytics

Publish HTML5 powered geo-dashboards directly to SAP BusinessObjects Mobile App.

Push Google Maps enabled mobile location analytics to your mobile business users. With full support for all mapping features for mobile, and new mobile properties, users can access location aware business intelligence like never before!

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Instant Success with accelerated learning

Rapid, point and click design inside SAP Dashboards.

CMaps Plugin's deep integration into SAP Dashboards, we have leveraged existing design patterns and development work flows inherited from our experience implementing over 1000 dashboards created by the Centigon Solutions team since 2004. We understand your business users' needs and designed CMaps Plugin to empower dashboard designers to meet those needs quickly and efficiently. With Centigon Gurus we include not only technology, but learning and resources to execute and succeed.