Geo Analysis for Sales

Visualize opportunities, customers, and other sales performance indicators within a single geographic view.

Analyze your sales territories, opportunities, and other pertinent data within any geography. From strategic territory analysis performed by sales VPs, down to front-line sales pipeline analysis, CMaps Analytics grants complete flexibility to align your organization's sales process to location aware business intelligence. CMaps Analytics automatically presents multiple layers of sales data so your sales organization can spend less time gathering information and more time selling!

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Combine sales data from different sources with maps to create new insights

CMaps Analytics allows you to visualize pipeline and customer data from your CRM, territory sales figures from finance, and external market data all together in one consumer mapping experience designed for business intelligence. See your sales engagements in a completely new way and drive faster, more intelligent decisions.

Diagnose problems, and identify opportunities with embedded Geo-analytics

Diagnose poor performing territories, where assets are located in relation to customers, and where competitors are invading your sales territories. CMaps Analytics instantly enhances your decision making with geographic alerting, heat maps, and other visualizations that sales professionals can easily understand.


Real-time access to information, everywhere you go

Up to the minute performance for all sales teams, territories and opportunities. Location intelligence with CMaps Analytics can also empower your mobile sales force with instant access to sales and customer data in addition to other assets that may accelerate your mobile sales process.

Product Sales Dashboard


This sample sales dashboard illustrates how a business user can navigate product sales by region using alert enabled regions. With bi-directional integration, GMaps Plugin can display information from the dashboard, and then provide drill down into what-if analysis for a single region.

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Why Location Intelligence?

Learn how your organization leverage location data to uncover trends that are otherwise invisible.

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