Geo Analysis for Retail

Unlock relationships between retail stores, customers, products, and territories.

Analyze your sales territories, opportunities, and other pertinent data using within a highly interactive map experience. CMaps Analytics grants complete flexibility to create and deploy territory analysis for market share, marketing demographics, and retail store performance all together in one view. Align your specific organizational processes and performance indicators to location aware business dashboards. Employ powerful retail geo-analytics without any training or complex software installation using the same consumer style maps you use every day.

CMaps Analytics automatically presents multiple layers of retail data so you can visualize critical geographical relationships not visible with traditional charts.

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Combine sales data from different sources with maps to create new insights

CMaps Analytics allows you to visualize retail store performance , territory sales figures from finance, and external market data all together in one consumer mapping experience designed for business intelligence. Track your products, customers, and retail store outlets in a completely new way and drive faster, more intelligent decisions.

Diagnose problems, and identify opportunities with embedded geo-analytics

Diagnose poor performing stores, where competition is stealing market share, and where customers are coming from. CMaps Analytics instantly enhances your decision making with geographic alerting, heat maps, and other visualizations that sales professionals can easily understand.


Real-time access to information, everywhere you go

Up to the minute performance for your sales, operations, and management teams using one consistent map experience custom tailored to job function. Location intelligence with CMaps Analytics can also empower your mobile sales force, regional managers, and other front line employees who interface directly with your customers.

Create your geo analytics vision with our help

Schedule a meeting with one of our BI gurus, for a strategy session and live demonstration of the latest CMaps Analytics tools to solve your specific sales needs, and discuss upcoming innovations that will transform your retail organization.

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Create your geo analytics vision with our help

This basic store tracker is a geographic scorecard, enabling a business manager from multiple lines of business understand various performance metrics for retail stores. CMaps Analytics provides complete control to define any performance metric to region, store, customer, supply chain, and other visualizations.


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