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At Centigon Solutions, we are fortunate to have partnerships with industry leaders in Business Intelligence technologies and services. One of those long time partners, InfoSol, has produced incredible dashboard success stories over the years, many of which are shared with the community their annual IBIS conference.

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CMaps Platinum Partners / Google for Work Partners


Onix, located in Lakewood, Ohio provides industry-leading solutions in information technology. As an leading Google for Work Premier Partner, Onix has built a business around Google for Work Solutions that is unmatched in the market.


OEM / Commercial App Partners


Antivia DecisionPoint is a leading dashboard and data visualization platform designed for modern enterprises who want to think visually and distribute actionable dashboards effortlessly. We are thrilled to have partnered with Antivia to deliver embedded Location Intelligence in DecisionPoint

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Build your Location Analytics center of excellence with CMaps Analytics.

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Reseller / Implementation Partners

A Reseller partner is the highest tier of partnership, allowing your organization to represent Centigon Solutions and re-sell our software products directly to your customers. Our newly designed reseller partner program is geared toward organizations who already resell SAP software and who have established experienced sales teams. Our reseller program provides you with same materials our inside sales team uses and provides you with a opportunity to generate new, recurring revenue streams using Centigon Solutions location analytics suite.

Partner Benefits

  • Access to sales materials, presentations
  • CMaps Location Intelligence sales materials
  • Create new recurring revenue stream
  • Materials and training to build a Location Intelligence COE (center of excellence)
  • Get a direct line to Centigon Solutions leadership and sales resources
  • Lead generation and hand off from CMaps Analytics events and web properties
  • Influence over product features and access to early release candidates


  • Must operate in a supported region: North America, Limited Countries in Western Europe, Australia.
  • Must have one designated representative to complete basic sales readiness program and live sales training.
  • Must have one designated technical representative technical training program.
  • Must add a dedicated landing / informational page on Location Intelligence.

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Developer / Affiliate Partner

Our developer / affiliate program is perfect for individual developers or independent contractors who want to deliver Location Intelligence to customers quickly, with minimal investment.
Work hand in hand with our sales and technical support staff to introduce CMaps Analytics to your customers and earn commissions.

Partner Benefits

  • Access to consulting partner portal, basic sales materials, and presentations
  • Earn one-time commissions
  • Influence over product features and access to early release candidates
  • Access to NFR software


  • Official partner or certified developer for one of our integration ecosystems including but not limited to: Google for Work, SAP, Salesforce.com, Microsoft
  • Must complete developer / affiliate application

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Are you an SAP Developer in Need of Maps?

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CMaps Analytics for Commercial Apps

CMaps Analytics and Google Maps for work is the perfect combination to deliver embedded Location Intelligence for your commercial application or platform. CMaps Analytics suite is designed to provide your enterprise software app needs to out-pace your competitors with powerful visualization and analysis features.

With CMaps Analytics OEM options, you have ultimate flexibility for cloud and on premise software solutions. Work with our team to assemble the perfect bundling for your Location Analytics needs.
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