Must Have Use Cases for Location Intelligence

Making a case for Location Analytics for your business intelligence initiative


1. Visualize and Analyze

Combine business data and geography from different sources to create new insights.

Location is a common attribute that can link multiple data sources together, and when displayed visually can unlock trends and insights not exposed in any other format. An interactive mash-ups can combine on-premise enterprise, web, and social data together to illustrate visual correlations patterns within a map.


2. Real-Time

On-demand access to location and availability of assets, everywhere you go.

Location is becomes a critical decision factor for organizations that need to track and prioritize real time events. As the number of events increases, so does the utility for geographic visualization to navigate and drive the decision making process for "where" you will take immediate action.


3. Analytics

Diagnostics to identify problems related to geography to accelerate decision making.

Geography is a powerful way to constrain or explore information when asking sophisticated questions of your data. Geo Analytics allow you to apply business rules, statistical analysis, and geo-spatial constraints to narrow your focus to what is most important.

Many organizations that monitor retail performance manage their business by regions, territories, and drill all the way down to store level. A "bird's eye" view of your retail performance provides additional spatial context that can unlock hidden problems as you fluently navigate through supporting analytics by geography.

Sales Analytics

Locate your customers, sales reps, and assets together at once to quickly assess "where" you should increase your focus and take action. Provide your field sales team with t information on the go, and allow them to prioritize and collaborate

As conditions change, you need an up to date pulse of your organization's performance. Location analytics provide a geographic entry point to understand how your strategic decisions impact your organization at all geographic levels.


Whether you manage real estate, fleet, or shipping containers, your assets are the lifeline to your business and knowing the location and performance for those assets at all time is critical. Location intelligence provides a consolidated view of all of your assets, and when combined with other layers of business data, can save valuable time and resources when you need to reference or compare asset performance.
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