Plug and Play Google Maps for SAP BusinessObjects Lumira

Instantly visualize and explore your business data from global regions down to street view.

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Support today's mapping needs and prepare for tomorrow's Location Analytics demands.

Create custom maps templates for your analyst and business users.

CMaps Analytics for Lumira provides a cloud designer for creating custom maps templates in minutes. Publish or edit extensions and install directly into SAP Lumira Desktop and SAP BusinessObjects server. Support basic mapping requirements for data exploration while harnessing cloud services for geocoding, drive time analysis, and other critical features to utilize Location, distance, and proximity more effectively.

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Google Maps + CMaps Analytics Location Intelligence for SAP Lumira

- Create custom maps templates in minutes

- Export maps from CMaps Analytics as native Lumira extensions

- Global coverage from country down to address

- Over 12 data visualization types to chose from including custom regions

- Over 100 customizable properties to fine tune your maps

- Access to Google Maps services including drive time, traffic, interactive street view, etc.


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Ultimate Google Maps Integration Kit for SAP Lumira

CMaps Analytics Designer provides a point and click Google Maps extensions for SAP Lumira in minutes.