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  1. Look for an email for your license key and registration download.
  2. Follow the install instructions to register your software
  3. Remove the trial key from your dashboard spreadsheet (if you are upgrading from a trial)
  4. Our operations team will shortly process and grant access to our customer support portal. There you can download product updates, case management, and page view tracking

Thank you for your purchase

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  1. Our operations team has processed your order and you should have access to our customer support portal
  2. Follow the install instructions to register your software
  3. Remove the trial key from your dashboard spreadsheet

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If you do not get your trial confirmation email in 2 minutes:
1. First check your spam folder.

Thank you for submitting your information. Your CMaps Plugin trial download and installation instructions are currently on their way to your inbox. If you do not receive your trial in the next two minutes feel free to contact us directly and we will ensure you get everything you need to build powerful geographic analysis.

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  1. Download the CMaps Plugin trial delivered by email. If you do not get an email in the next minute contact
  2. Visit the trial install instructions

Obtain your CMaps Plugin Key



Your license key will be emailed to you from

If you have already downloaded a trial within the last 120 days, you may get an email denying the trial request. In that case, simply contact our sales team who will help you.

Still waiting for your email?

If you don't get an email, it is highly likely that your corporate email has placed the mail in spam or blocked

You can also access your key from CMaps Analytics Extensions Download page, which requires CMaps Designer account.


Log into CMaps Connect customer portal.

Download the latest CMaps Plugin 4.6

Get the latest version of CMaps Plugin (requires license key)

Trial Benefits

Test full functionality with over 100 properties

Get started in less than 3 minutes

Instant maps success with no server required

Build your first Map

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