The Next Frontier of
Location Analytics Goes Indoors!

Drill from region, to address, and then inside your facilities to uncover problems and opportunities traditionally reserved for analysts. Empower your facility, department, and regional management with consumer grade visualization connected to your secure enterprise data.

Facility Management

  • Predict equipment defects
  • Production and utilization


  • Departmental analytics
  • Consumer engagement





CMaps Analytics Designer: Indoor Map Creation

CMaps Analytics Designer provides new indoor location analytics capabilities, allowing your organization to measure and track performance of indoor assets and regions using your business data. Using a simple point and click process, import your map blue print, align assets, regions, and departments to your business data, and publish live connected indoor analytics to your enterprise business Apps through CMaps Analytics Designer.


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CMaps Analytics Indoors is included with CMaps Analytics Designer. Sign up for a trial or contact our sales team to get your hands on our latest indoor analytics capabilities.

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