Executive Geo Dashboards

Track key performance indicators for your territories and regions, down to individual stores, customers, and other assets.

As conditions change, you need an up to date pulse of your organization's performance. Location analytics provide a geographic entry point to understand how your strategic decisions impact your organization at all geographic levels. CMaps Analytics grants complete flexibility for your business intelligence team to seamlessly integrate location intelligence directly inside of your existing dashboard and mobile analytics investments.


Combine business metrics and assets from different sources to create new insights

CMaps Analytics allows you to visualize assets, events, and territories together in one comprehensive, bird's eye view. Combine sales figures from finance, customer data, and external market data all together in one consumer mapping experience designed for business intelligence. Track your products, customers, and retail store outlets in a completely new way and drive faster, more intelligent decisions.

Diagnose problems, and identify opportunities with embedded geo-analytics

Diagnose poor performing stores and regions, where competition is stealing market share, and where customers are coming from. CMaps Analytics instantly enhances your decision making with geographic alerting, heat maps, and other visual aids that anyone can easily understand.


Real-time access to information, everywhere you go

Up to the minute performance for your sales, operations, and management teams using one consistent map experience custom tailored to job function. Location intelligence with CMaps Analytics can also empower your mobile sales force, regional managers, and other front line employees who interface directly with your customers.



Executive Geo-Dashboard

Location analytics provides the perfect bird's eye view on strategic and daily business activities, as they occur. From global territories down to individual stores your management team can use geographic scorecards and heat maps to visually communicate performance.
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Why you need Location Analytics

Learn how your organization leverage location data to uncover trends that are otherwise invisible.

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