New Geo Spatial PLUS for SAP DesignStudio and Lumira 2.0

Get instant geo analysis for SAP DesignStudio and Lumira 2.0

Instant Geospatial Analytics for SAP BusinessObjects GeospatialPLUS extension for SAP Design Studio and Lumira 2.0

Archius, a leading system integrator for SAP, dashboard experts, and creators of ChartsPLUS extension have created GeospatialPLUS. Now, you can install highly configurable Location Analytics component installed directly inside of SAP DesignStudio and Lumira 2.0.

The Archius powers GeospatialPLUS with CMaps Analytics APIs, allowing the same "plug and play" approach that made the original CMaps Plugin a breakaway hit!

Announced at #CMapsAnalytics17

View this LIVE DEMO shown at #CMapsAnalytics17 webinar on June 7, 2017



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