Location Intelligence for SAP Design Studio

We are thrilled to offer CMaps Analytics for Design Studio using APOS Dashboard Migrator, allowing you to use 100% of the CMaps Analytics and Google Maps HTML5 experience directly inside of Design Studio as an embedded component.


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The Future of CMaps Analytics for SAP Design Studio: Build Once, Deploy Everywhere

CMaps Analytics Designer provides one, consistent approach to present location enriched Business Intelligence where you work, how you work. We are here to help you make location matter, so contact our team and let us share all of your native and partner integrations for SAP BusinessObjects including Design Studio, Lumira, Webi, SAP Dashboards, and Mobile.


Why Location Matters?

Looking for maps but not sure how to deliver Location Intelligence?

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More Extensions for SAP

Do you want to embed maps in other SAP and SAP BusinessObjects products? No problem!