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Integrate Maps in your Fiori or
HANA powered Business Apps

Advanced Mapping for SAPUI5 with CMaps Analytics Library?

Everything you need in 1 Bundle for Stunning Maps Experiences in your SAP business users will Love.

As your business users demand the latest consumer grade experiences in business apps, CMaps Analytics delivers the perfect plug and play Location Intelligence solution for SAPUI5 Apps.


CMaps Analytics uses Google Maps Premium along with our custom HTML5 visualization and analysis APIs. web-based designer, you have everything you need with CMaps Analytics Designer. For a fraction of the cost, you can bypass building the common,Cut your devlepment time up to 70% with point and click map design and spend your time focused on your app, not learning how to create maps.

Developer Advantages

  • Eliminate hours or days of low level programing
  • Streamline hours of development into hundreds of clickable properties
  • Flexible extendable API with CMaps Analytics JS API (allows access to core Google Maps API)
  • Streamlined lifecycle management with creation and editing of CMaps Analytics Templates.
  • SAPUI5 ready!



Customize over 120 configurable properties to your visualization and analysis needs with a point and click property sheet.

  • Harness the latest HANA spatial capabilities to load spatial data as points, regions, or heat maps.
  • Transform tabular address data into Location Analytics
  • Enrich your Fiori Apps with embedded location Intelligence.
  • Leverage Google Maps for Work services including Geocoding, drive distance / matrix data, directions.

Developer Resources


Inject powerful Location Intelligence into your SAPUI5 powered apps with only a few lines of code. Open up a new world of possibilities for you business users and inject consumer experiences they know and love with powerful enterprise features.

Why your SAP HANA Spatial Initiative Should Include CMaps Analytics

SAP PartnerContact our knowledgeable team and see how we can help propel your location intelligence initiative forward. Centigon Solutions is a long-time SAP Software Solution partner, and leading provider of mapping extensions for SAP BusinessObjects.

More Integrations for SAP

Do you want to embed maps in other
SAP BusinessObjects products? No problem!

CMaps Analytics Difference

Feature Comparison

The following includes supported features out of the box either as a native documented API feature (for Google, SAP Geo-maps, or CMaps Analytics API) or as a clickable property (CMaps Designer), that do not require additional third party code.



SAPUI5 Geo Map

Google Maps Premium

CMaps Analytics

Pricing FREE Starts at $10K / year View Pricing Options
Basemaps OpenStreet Google Maps Google Maps (included)
Icon Styling
JavaScript API
Point and Click Design    
Global Boundary Data    
Drillable map layers    
Spatial Analysis tools    
Street View  
High Resolution Map and Satellite Imagery  
Multi-Select (lasso, radius, distance)    
Color coded alerting (value or target based)    
Directions & Multi-Waypoint Directions  
ESRI ArgGIS Layers    
Import CartoDB Layers    
Advanced Legend    
Points of Interest Data  
Custom Map Widget API