CMaps Analytics Platform

Why Choose CMaps Analytics for your Business Application or Analytics Platform?

  • Instant Location Intelligence innovation
  • Accelerate development and delivery
  • Business intelligence features
  • Reduce or eliminate coding
  • Improve life cycle management
  • Huge library of features
  • Improve user adoption
  • Pre-built templates

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Cloud Foundation

Cloud Services

From geocoding to drive time analytics, CMaps Analytics growing list of cloud services will enrich your Location Intelligence investment adding instant innovation opportunities to create better looking, performing, and adoption rates than ever before.

JavaScript API
Geocode Cache
Drive Time Polygons
Shape Data Services

JavaScript API

CMaps Analytics Java-script API docs and code samples, provide you with everything you need to integrate and interface with CMaps Analytics Javascript API.

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Google Maps for Work

Google Maps for Work is a best of breed web API for creating maps.,CMaps Analytics is designed to harness Google Maps services to create Location Analytics experiences. CMaps Analytics supercharges Google Maps specifically for Business Applications and Business Intelligence scenarios,,

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Integrated GIS

CMaps Analytics Designer serves as the Location Intelligence glue to bring together legacy GIS systems, new modern GIS platforms, and business data into a single interactive application.


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CMaps Designer

CMaps Analytics Designer

CMaps Designer is a cloud-based HTML5 App, allowing you to rapidly design your visualizations in the browser. You can quickly prototype views by pasting data from Excel or common formats like CSV. Your data never leaves the browser or firewall using our cloud-based, CMaps Analytics designer.

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CMaps Projects / Templates

A CMaps Analytics project file is key building block that makes maps simple and extremely portable. Modifying pre-built templates or creating your own ensure that you can build maps experiences once, and deploy anywhere with CMaps Analytics.

This project file can be re-imported at any time into CMaps Analytics Designer, making your development project life-cycle simple and efficient.

The role of a CMaps Analytics template is:

  • Re-usable template that can be utilized for multiple projects
  • Project file that can be downloaded and re-imported back into CMaps Analytics Designer
  • Foundation for integrating maps into your own application.

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Embedded Location Intelligence

CMaps Analytics Extensions

CMaps Analytics extensions allow you to use plug and play Location Intelligene with your existing investments from SAP, to Micosoft.

Partner Extensions

Looking for dashboards and big data analytics? Check out our partners who are integrating CMaps Analytics as their Location Intellignece foundation.

Business Apps - HTML5

Integrate CMaps Analytics into your enterprise or commercial apps and web platforms.

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