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CMaps Analytics is your plug and play Location Intelligence competency center with technology and expertise to move you ahead of your competition.







Do you Need Location Intelligence?
Answer these 3 Questions...

Does your platform have Geo-spatial data?

80% of the data your company and customers produce could be linked to location, and if your analytics capabilities are not taking advantage of this location data (address, GPS coordinates, zip-code, etc), your competitors will!

Are customers asking for spatial analysis?

Spatial analytics can be tricky business. With partnerships and integrations with most leading GIS and web mapping providers, CMaps Analytics is here to help you navigate the waters and arm you with technology and expertise to get amazing location intelligence to market faster.

Do you have 15 minutes?

Lets us share our insights and prove to you why CMaps Analytics is the best choice to move your Location Intelligence initiative forward.

Partner Success

With CMaps Analytics and DecisionPoint you are well-placed to make the most of your location data. By looking at your data with the aim of understanding where your customers live and shop, you can make data-driven decisions on questions of where to plan new stores and how to improve your supply chain.

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Calling all developers?

Learn about CMaps Analytics Designer nuts and
bolts and how we can help accelerate your project.

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Plug and play CMaps Analytics directly inside of your existing platform

  • Access to thousands of global regional map boundaries with geocoding
  • Built in visual alerting, behaviors, drilling, ranking, for analytics maps apps.
  • Access to native ArcGIS data consumers and feature service layers.
  • New, modern cloud GIS and spatial analytics like Carto, which is quickly becoming a leader in cloud spatial analytics.
  • Advanced visualization layers and ability to create and integrate new custom D3 Mapping Visualizations
  • Lightweight spatial analytics and multiple interactivity features by distance, free-form, and regions.
  • Card Widget API which allows for deep customization of the extension interactivity specific to business requirements
  • Built in global geocoding and street level views provided by Google Maps premium
  • Live and predictive traffic, drive time, and directions features provided by Google

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