CMaps Analytics for Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Visualize your business assets, performance, and territories where you work with our new SharePoint extension for CMaps Analytics.







Embedded Location Intelligence for your MS SharePoint portal.

Why CMaps Analytics

CMaps Analytics Designer is perfect for organizations who want to arm their business professionals with powerful maps experiences without specialized software and skill sets.

CMaps Analytics Designer provides a web-based App for designing map views that can embedded inside SharePoint or integrated and customized into your own custom application with ease.

Spend less time coding and empower users with the ability to create maps connected directly to Sharepoint Lists. Drill through regions, visualize assets, and track events with the consumer simplicity of Google Maps.
Get a Head Start

Let us help create your maps vision!

Contact our knowledgeable team and schedule a rapid prototyping session or work with our solution providers who can package CMaps Analytics with Google for Work geospatial solutions.


Make the Move from MS MapPoint to CMaps Analytics

Feature Comparison



CMaps Analytics

Find addresses/Geocoding
Save/share work with other users included
Multiple file import/export included includedCSV, JSON, Copy Paste. Integrate with any data source with CMaps JavaScript API
Create routes included included
Route optimization included included
Spatial queries included includedJavaScript API feature for triggering spatial queries
Create territories included With CMaps Analytics Plugin for Quantum GIS
Offline/disconnected maps included  
Fleet management
Data mapping (manipulation of pushpin colors, visibility, highlighting) included included
Business analysis   includedDrilldown, Colored Alerts, Cluster Aggregation, Pie Charts icons, Hub-Spoke Visualizations, Drive Time Regions
GPS guidance (Turn by turn) included included
Drive Time Analysis   included
Points of interest included includedPremium Layer
Modern technology/UI   included
Automatic map data updates (map, geocoding, routing data)   included
Support for Mac and non-PC users   includedBrowser-based
Mobile support   included
Easy install   included No install required
Aerial imagery   included
Embed Into Web Applications   included
APIs for Customization   includedJavascript API