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Transform your Google Sheets into Google Maps Location Intelligence. Segment customers, uncover opportunities and make location matter when it comes to business productivity.

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Google Maps and Spreadsheets Together at Last!

New CMaps Analytics transforms your Google Sheets into interactive Location Intelligence in minutes

CMaps Analytics transforms Google Maps for Work (formerly Google Maps Enterprise) into a blank canvas for creating Location Intelligence. NOW, you can embed the same mapping experiences used by large enterprises into your Google Spreadsheets. With a simple point and click property sheet, you can add powerful visualizations within the secured Google Sheets experience.




Business Productivity Meets Location Intelligence

Filter and segment data using CMaps Analytics radius and free-form selectors

CMaps Analytics provides a unique approach to couple your common spreadsheet tasks for filtering and segmenting information into a geographic focused task. Simply circle or free-form select an area, and segment the selected customers, assets, or facilities onto a new tab.


Analyze your Data, Secured within your Spreadsheet

Enterprise security and privacy embedded in your Google Sheets.

CMaps Analytics roots as an on-premise Business Intelligence solution carries over to CMaps Analytics for Google Sheets. CMaps Analytics does NOT transmit your spreadsheet data outside of your spreadsheet ensuring that your critical, secured information is displayed on a map without being transmitted to CMaps Analytics or Google Maps servers.

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