Your Ultimate Geo Map Component

Build Google Maps powered dashboards and apps better and faster than ever before!

Point and click Google Maps designed from the ground up for Location Intelligence

CMaps Designer provides rapid creation of maps without any server software or specialized skills required. Create drillable regional views, drive-time analysis and other visualizations on top of a consumer friendly Google Maps for Work.

Everything you need from a point and click designer, to fully customizable JavaScript API.

Bringing Geo Spatial and Business Data Together

CMaps Analytics Designer serves as the Location Intelligence glue to bring together legacy GIS systems, new modern GIS platforms, and business data into a single interactive application.







Over 200 Configurable Properties and Growing!

New V3.5 Features

Support for ESRI, HERE, MapBox, Carto, and OSM map base layers
Support for Leaflet base JS API
Zoom based layer visibility
New clustering options
Dynamic Admin area geocoding
Temporal Analysis
Updated Designer experience
New Rank Widget
New default Google Search widget
New ESRI Data Connector
Re-Designed Data Import experience
New Time, DrillID, and Target Data properties
Buffer layer type


Over 15 layer visualization types
Custom Regions / Territories
Multi-Layers Maps (Mashups)
Administrative Areas (country to zip)
Points and clustered points
Bubble visualization
Hub & Spoke
Choropleths/Heat maps
Text Overlays
Density Visualization
Country/ State Boundaries
Lines / Routes
Sankey visualization
Vonori / Nearest Neighbor view
Radius Buffer
Region Inner and Outer Buffer
Indoor mapping
Google Places
Radius Layer
Custom Layer
ESRI ArcGIS Server Layers

CartoDB Visualizations
CartoDB Torque animated layers

Cluster Drill

Drive Time / Distance

Single & Multi-Waypoint Directions
Best route calculation
Drive time & Drive distance analysis
Drive time and distance bands / polygons

Distance radius selection
Multi-Waypoint Directions
Route Manager
Google Places Spatial Search

Analysis & Interactivity

Clustering and dynamic aggregation
Lasso, polygon, radius multi-point selection
Touch / Mobile enabled
Geographic hierarchy and drilling
Alerts logic
Spatial Summary
Data Filtering
Spatial Filtering
Drive Distance Filtering and Buffering
Smart Legend
Temporal Analysis
Distance polygon
Custom widget API for customized analysis

Data and Services

Google Maps for Work base layers
Google Maps geocoding with CMaps geocache
Web Map Service (WMS) support
ESRI Shape file support
CSV Data
Google Streetiew
Google Places

Developer Platform & Tools

CMaps Analytics JavaScript API
Map View Templates
Maps Region Generator Utility
Global Boundary Data (Country / State)
Code Sample Library
Premium Templates


Plug and play integrations with your existing investments.