Geo-Dashboards with Antivia DecisionPoint and CMaps Analytics

Drag and drop CMaps Analytics views inside of Antivia DecisionPoint, for enterprise dashboards and BI Apps.







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Next Generation Business Intelligence Dashboards gets Location Intelligence boost with CMaps Analytics.

Antivia DecisionPoint now includes a CMaps Analytics, allowing dashboard designers to drag and drop Google Maps inside BI dashboards. The resulting Geo-Dashboards provide business users with location, proximity, and distance based visualizations.




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Powerful maps designer with groundbreaking dashboard design.


CMaps Analytics Advantage for Antivia DecisionPoint

Multi-Layer Maps: Combine custom regions, facilities, assets, and GIS data together in dashboards

Custom Maps Templates: 100s of configurable properties, over 12 data viz layers, and a rapidly growing palette of tools with CMaps Analytics Designer.

Google Maps Simplicity: Harness the power, accuracy, and simplicity of Google Maps

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