STEP 1: Design your Maps Experience

Rapidly design your map view with over a dozen layer types, over 150 configurable, clickable properties; or start with one of our 20 templates.

Prototype views by pasting data from Excel, connecting to data files to share and accelerate development. Your critical business data never leaves the browser or firewall with CMaps Analytics Designer.

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STEP 2: Export Your CMaps Analytics Template / Project

DESIGN ONCE, DEPLOY EVERYWHERE: From CMaps Analytics Designer, you can download your CMaps Analytics template to your computer or file share.

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STEP 3: Embed and Integrate your Template

With your CMaps Analytics template, you have a number of options to publish, csutomize, and embed your map where you users work.

1. Publish your map with static data to any portal, website, or email it.

2. Pass the your template to your Javascript developers who can embed your map with a few lines of code. DEVELPPER INTRO

3. Utilize CMaps Analytics native extensions like SAP BusinessObjects, in your business apps or choose from our growing partner integrations.


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STEP 4: Deploy Embedded Location Intelligence to your business users.

Use your existing platform, data, and security investments.