Marketing Dashboard

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    Sales Opps Dashboard

    Combining multiple internal and external data sources into a single geographic view can aid your sales operations in planning events, logistics, and other sensitive activities that can be impacted by weather.

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    Executive Geo Dashboard

    Location analytics provides the perfect bird's eye view on strategic and daily business activities, as they occur. From global territories down to individual stores your management team can use geographic scorecards and heat maps to visually communicate performance.

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    State Government / Demographic Based Budgeting

    Location analytics provides context for internal and external data which can be combined for decision making in public and private sector. This dashboard was the basis for a simple what-if planning dashboard used in high level budgeting meetings.

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    Retail Store Tracker

    Consumer goods, retailers, and manufacturers typically track sales and operational performance from global territories, down to individual retail outlets. CMaps Plugin focuses on one narrow slice of a national coffee shop chain. Connecting to SAP BusinessObjects could expand the focus to global retailers with ease.

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    Product Sales Dashboard

    This sample sales dashboard illustrates how a business user can navigate product sales by region using alert enabled regions. With bi-directional integration, CMaps Plugin can display information from the dashboard, and then provide drill down into what-if analysis for a single region.

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    Delinquent Delivery Console

    A popular use case for CMaps Plugin, operational exception tracking, this dashboard illustrates how an organization can evaluate how exceptions impact your bottom line. This dashboard reviews real-time delinquent deliveries, allowing a dispatcher focus on areas that are problematic.

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    Marketing Dashboard

    Tracking sales and marketing by geography has never been easy. Layering custom regions, states, and city level sales and marketing metrics, you can use distance and lasso selection to narrow filter and aggregate marketing spend by Geo-location.

  • Manufacturing Dashboard

    Manufacturing Supplier

    Impact from Japan Earthquake. The speed an ease for building maps enabled dashboards enables organizations to quickly react and monitor performance. In this example a manufacturer can monitor a single region based on catastrophic events like the Japanese earthquake. This example aligns multiple APIs to suppliers, plants, and distributors, along with retail performance.

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    Spotlight Financial Failed Banks List

    Spotlight Financial provides visual intelligence to community bankers through their Bank Trends offering, and CMaps Plugin is the preferred technology to provide geographic context for critical performance indicators. This public example provides a list of failed banks across the United States.

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