• Mobile Location Intelligence

CMaps Analytics App Features

CMaps Analytics for iPad is a business productivity App for mobile workers to visualize business data aligned to geographic location. Interact with multiple layers of your business data within a familiar Google Maps experience while you analyze and navigate to your most important customers, assets, and events.


Save hours trying to figure out where to focus your energy. Visit more customers, route products faster, and discover hidden opportunities!

Location Aware

Harness your tablet's location awareness to analyze and reference customers, assets, events, or anything else with a location.


Sort, navigate, and organize by geographic proximity. Empower mobile workers with personalized information.


Visualize and interact with color coded points and regions within a familiar Google Maps experience.


Re-use and combine information from multiple sources. Then share layers and views with colleagues.


Harness existing business intelligence investments with connectivity to Google Docs, SAP BusinessObject, or direct database connectivity.

Explore the Mobile App

Map View

Standard Google Maps view of all your locations of interest. Quickly browse through one or multiple assets, events, and other regions with the swipe of your finger to see more information.

Chart View

Side-by-side view of the information for your location selection as well as the physical location of the point. Scroll through the drop down menu to see corresponding points on map or vice versa.

Geo Adaptive Filtering

First of it's kind, you have the ability to not only filter by measures such as sales and inventory, but also based on proximity to any location. Instantly select and take action to the locations that need the most attention.

Business Productivity

Find the most optimal route to multiple locations with a single press, or get automatic routing based on your analytics.


Point and Click Design

Within minutes you can create and deploy rich location intelligence experiences thanks to CMaps Analytics Desginer. From your browser you can connect to your on-premise business data through CMaps Analytics Connect or cloud data sources like Google Spreadsheets.


Simplified Architecture

CMaps Analytics (previously GMaps Mobile ) platform is a hybrid of cloud, mobile, and on-premise technologies working together in perfect harmony. This balance of technologies ensures your company can quickly deploy mobile location intelligence with minimal total cost of ownership, while adhering to your organization's mobile security policies.

Building Blocks


Connect to secured, on-premise and cloud repositories containing your data using CMaps Analytics Connect, and CMaps Analytics Cloud.


Create and view unlimited layers using your business data in seconds. Each layer has its own data connectivity, visualization, and interaction options.


Combine and "mash-up" multiple layers of business information from different sources in a single view, so you and your colleagues can drive action immediately.