Big Geo-Data Visualizations from CartoDB in CMaps Analytics in Minutes!

Import large volumes of geo data from any source into your Location Intelligence app in minutes!

HOW DOES IT WORK? Now, you can upload any spatial data into CartoDB, create big data geo- visualizations and use them inside your CMaps Analytics powered templates..

Benefits of CartoDB with CMaps Analytics:

Instantly upload, visualize and distribute new spatial analysis without any IT, GIS, or developers required.

Transform open source or premium 3td party data into interactive maps in minutes.

Rapid design of re-usable visualizations available inside your BI reports and dashboards.

CartoDB Integration Features:

Lightning fast performance for big geo data visualizations

Support for public and secured private layers

Interface for custom SQL

Embed static or animated map layers inside of your existing BI investment like SAP BusinessObjects.

Animate changes over time with CartoDB Torque layers